G-DOG is A STORY about Father Greg Boyle of Homeboy Industries and "Tattoos on the Heart," a NY Times Best Seller.

Nothing Stops a Bullet like a Job

G-DOG is about second chances - about a charismatic visionary who launched the largest, most successful gang intervention and rehab program in the country.

The film tells the entertaining, hilarious and unlikely story of how a white Jesuit priest became an expert in gang lives. Called G-Dog by his homies - his name is Father Greg Boyle - and he works by a powerful idea: "Nothing Stops a Bullet like a Job." G-Dog's unstoppable compassion has transformed the lives of thousands of Latino, Asian, and African American gang members.

His Homeboy Industries in Los Angeles, with a 70% success rate at redirecting kids away from gang life, is global in influence – Manchester, Toronto, Hamburg, Rio and more. It provides tattoo removal, job training, counseling, yoga, fatherhood and substance abuse classes – all free. It's the one place in the 'hood that turns lives around: swapping violence for community and building toward a future of hope.

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Homeboy Industries

Founded as a youth program in 1992 by Father Greg Boyle, S.J., Homeboy Industries is home to social enterprises that provide job training and comprehensive free services for those seeking employment and a path out of gang life. It is now the nation's largest and most successful gang intervention and rehab program, and an international model, with a 70% success rate in turning kids away from gang life and toward a productive future.